1. All dressage classes will be judged under BD rules.

2. Riding hats that comply with the current BD safety standards must be worn at all times whilst mounted on the showground.

3. No horses to be schooled or lunged in the car parks of venues or any other areas,

4. The designated ‘warm up’ arena is the only area to be used to ‘warm up’ horses/ponies. It is not permitted in the showground or car park for safety reasons.

5. Horses or ponies should never be left unattended when tied to a lorry or trailer.

6. Daniolo Ltd & Southern Dressage reserves the right to unconditionally disqualify and/or ban riders who display an excessive use of whips and/or spurs or those who use bad language or behave in a unsporting manner.

7. Anyone seen riding/handling in a manner likely to endanger themselves, their horse or any other parties will be asked to leave the showground.

8. The Judges’ decision is always final.

9. Complaints of any nature must be logged in writing with the secretary, together with a deposit of £15, within one hour of class finishing. If the objection is proved correct the £15 deposit will be returned.

10. All entries/competitors must have valid Horse and Rider Insurance including Personal Liability Cover.

11. Dogs must be kept on leads and under strict control at all times. Owners are responsible for clearing up after their dogs.

12. All entries/competitors and spectators must comply at all times with Health and Safety notices/rules or instructions given by Daniolo Ltd/Southern Dressage/Venues.

13. No persons shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete, in any show jumping competition without taking adequate precaution to ensure other competitors and members of the public are not at risk of injury. The organiser must also be informed at least 1 week prior to the event that a stallion is attending.

14. Daniolo Ltd and/or its Employees accept no responsibility for any accidents or injury to competitors, onlookers, horses or property.

15.Riding is a high risk sport and is undertaken at your own risk.

16. Horses/ponies must be over the age of 4 to compete in any classes.

17. Daniolo Ltd/Southern Dressage reserves the right to refuse entry or make changes to a class without stating a reason.

18. No entries can be refunded unless either a medical or veterinary certificate is produced. (Dressage once times have been set)

19. No mucking out of horse boxes/trailers on the showground.

20. All stallions and colts are to wear a bridle and bit at all times.